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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  July 28, 2010 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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we're following breaking news right off the top tonight. a man storms a virginia motel and starts shooting. >> the suspect holed up right now in one of those motel rooms. it's all going down at the
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homestyle inn in manassas. here is the latest. >> reporter: still a very active scene here. you can see police behind knee. the homestyle inn is a couple of blocks down this way. police have been going in and out. they tell us they're in communication with the suspect. they are concerned this could turn more violent. full gear s.w.a.t terms are staking out a wooded area surrounding the business. earlier in the evening a man argued with a woman in the parking lot. they say he was armed and ran into the inn and disappeared into a room. when officers tried to approach the man fired one shot out his window shattering it. these two are guests at the inn. they thought they heard shots. >> we thought we heard shots, earlier that week people were shooting fire crackers so we weren't sure. >> we heard two shots but we were in our room and we didn't know where they were coming from. we thought it was, like, a fire
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cracker or on tv. >> reporter: within minutes cops swarmed in and she was in the middle. >> two cops came around the corner with their guns pointed at me and told me to get back in the room. >> reporter: the man was kicked out last week. she says she doesn't know why. >> still a bit scared. >> reporter: all right. back here now live. a very frightening situation for those guests. all of them have been evacuated and some have been out here for a couple ever hours not sure when they're going to be allowed back in to get their belongings. police are telling about the suspect that management says he was not a registered guest of the hotel. they're waiting him out. . >> if something changes let us know and we'll come back to you. >> reporter: we will. more drama, this time at city hall in alexandria. a man crashed a car na a retaining wall and got into the building. police surrounded the place not sure if the man was armed.
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they say the suspect tried to get away from officers in arlington earlier this evening and wound up losing control of his car here. he surrendered. police arrested him along with another man. to another story, a child predator is right now on the loose in one local community. >> its target, a little girl. playing in an area with mer mother feet away. it happened outside a laundromat in arlington, virginia. roby chavez has more. >> reporter: it happened on a busy sunday afternoon at this 24 hour laundromat. there is the front door and feet way from that front door is a play house. that's where a 7-year-old says someone took her inside and sexually assaulted her. this laundromat is open 24 hours a day. parents doing loads of laundry and outside kids play. on sunday afternoon arlington police say a child predator sexually assaulted a 7-year-old
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girl inside this oversized play house. >> can't get into too many of the specifics with the investigation but he did sexually assault her. it was not a rape but it was a sexual assault and we consider this very serious. >> reporter: witnesses have helped police put together this composite sketch of a possible suspect. >> what happened many place are here. >> reporter: julia fernandez works a few doors down and says she thinks she knows him. >> every morning i see him there and i say you working, yeah, i'm working, and later i come back 3:00 in the afternoon, every time i see him over there. >> reporter: the 7-year-old says the suspect took her inside the play house which sits right next to the front door. detectives say the suspect has brown eyes with bushy curly black hair and medium complexion and has a moustache. he was seen wearing a purple
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shirt with dark pants. he has suddenly disappeared. >> he's not there. this morning i'm going, i told him, hey, where is the guy? no more coming, huh? no, i don't know. he's not -- any time he coming over here because i not see him. >> reporter: for now kids still play but parents keep a watchful eye. >> i work with kids so it's kind of hectic if you know you're trying to get something down and i think i can let my kids play because i'm right here. >> reporter: again tonight police have put out this composite sketch of a possible suspect. we should note we have not seen this flyer placed on any of the businesses in this immediate area, including the laundromat. in fact, we spoke with several witnesses who said police have yet to talk to them. police say this is a good reminder to keep your children very close, especially when you're out in public. roby chavez, fox5 news. back into you. a story the nation is
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watching. a major blow to arizona's controversial immigration law which was supposed to take effect tomorrow. a federal judge ruled today that parts of the law were unconstitutional interfering with federal laws. we have the breakdown. >> reporter: this is just hours away from enforcement but there are now major changes to this highly controversial law. in a state considered the bussiers illegal gateway into the country immigrants are rejoicing. a judge has blocked many of the controversial provisions of the immigration law including the one requiring police to determine the immigration status of someone who has been detained or arrested. she also blocked the part of the law that said immigrants have to carry their papers at all times and the provision that makes it
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illegal for undocumented workers to look for a job. >> i think it's important to remind everybody today absolutely the federal government got relief from the court to not to do their job. and that means that now they've got this temporary injunction, they need to step up, the feds do, and do the job that they have the responsibility to do for the people of america and for the people of arizona. >> reporter: maricopa county shef joe arpio says it will be business as usual for his department despite the ruling. >> if we prove he's here illegally, we can't book him into the jail, so we'll turn him over to i.c.e. >> reporter: it is a major victory for opponents to the law. >> the overall, we are all happy! and proud! [ cheering ].
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>> reporter: now, even though portions of the law have been struck down, it does not mean it's off the books in its entirety. the portions that are still valid will go forward. that law will go forward as of midnight tonight. meantime the protesters of the law say the marches and the vigils they had planned will happen on thursday. >> we ask you to weigh in on the immigration debate on our website. the results are in. 13% of you said yes, a judge should have restricted arizona's immigration law. an overwhelming 83% disagree with the judge blocking parts of the law. the obama administration came under fire for enforcing a federal law that says illegal immigrants can be arrested and deported even if they have children that are u.s. citizens. here's monday on this story. >> what do we want? >> justice. >> reporter: they're calling this a children's march for the estimated 4 million u.s. citizen children in this country who have had at least one parent
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deported of deportation. >> my parents are illegal immigrants and they're treated like criminals and that's not fair. they're only here to work hard and they've done it for 22 years and i don't see any reason why they should go to jail. >> reporter: no, it's not the state of arizona, but the federal government's immigration laws that are under attack here. >> nobody should be separated from their family. no children should be living away interest their parents. >> reporter: -- away from their parents. >> reporter: but that's what happened to eve gomez to just graduated. >> the best opportunity for me to succeed in life if i can stay here and complete my education in the u.s. >> reporter: both of his parents have been sent back to india. he's facing deportation next month. >> i'm following the law like any good person would do but at the same time i'm trying to work with my lawyer and maybe see if we can find some sort of way to keep me here in this country. >> unfortunately the obama
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administration, inspite of its rhetoric and stance, has increased enforcement. we have 1100 people day who are arrested and deported. most of these people have families. that means between 1,000 and 2,000 u.s. citizen children see a father or a mother taken away, arrested by armed men every single day. >> reporter: reverend coleman and the other organizers have a name of those children of deported illegals. they're calling obama orphans. that's why they're targeting the white house. >> i think obama has to do something for all the people could be happy. >> reporter: they were hoping to bend the president's ear, tough to do when he's campaigning in new york and new jersey. . coming up in a few minutes, how will the law and immigration issues affect our area? a representative of maryland and the chairman of the board in prince william county will be live in our studios with
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answers. updating a developing story for days now, still, no power from pepco for thousands of people in the area. it's become a major frustration for everyone who is still waiting mostly in montgomery county. the company says it's made significant progress, there were more than 300,000 people without power after the storm on sunday. the vast majority of its customers will be back on line tomorrow night. this weekend's storms have claimed another life. carl henn of rockville was struck by lightning on sunday. he died yesterday. he helped establish the community garden at king farm. lightning struck a tree burning the bark and hitting henn who was standing beneath the canopy. his wife wasn't there but was by his side in the hospital. >> i touched his face and talked to him and his eyes opened. i like to think somehow he could
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hear me. i told him i loved him. >> henn was a well known activist, some called him the conscience of the community, pushing for a greener world. another storm system is hitting our area tonight and another could be on the way later. sue palka is here with more. >> you felt the increase in heat and humidity. feels like it's in the 90s because the humidity is back. it stirred up a few storms, this is moving between leesburg and reston. it hasoved up to thearnstown area. it does not have much lightng but it might have heavy downpours. could be a different story tomorrow. there is a cool front on the way and a line of thunderstorms may come marching toward us. i can tell you that the storm
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prediction center is keeping a close eye on our area and if these comes through during the noon hour, we may have damaging winds. if you have plans around the region that keep you outside tomorrow, watch the skies closely. keep an eye on fox5, we'll have a story for you. you could be putting your health at risk every time you buy something at a store. a hidden danger on the receipts you touch. what you need to know, up next. is the redskins $100 million man changed? months of fighting coming down to one moment. the start of training camp. things are going to look different this year. have you ever needed first aid in an emergency? how about life saving weight loss tips? some mobile phone apps you can't live without. the details coming up at 10:45.
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. baby bottles, food containers, plastic chemical could be somewhere else in the house.
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. a lot of consumers go out of their way to avoid the chemical
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bpa but you may have it in your purse or wallet? it's showing up on some cash register sales receipts. fox 5 melanie alnwick has more on what you need to know. >> reporter: you wouldn't think this could and hazardous activity. >> i'm about to throw this away. >> reporter: frequent handling of sales receipts may expose consumers and clerks to a toxic chemical according to the environmental working group. >> it's been linked to obesity, cancer, diabetes, reproductive issues. >> reporter: the chemical is bpa. concerns about exposure from hard plastic bottles led some manufacturers and consumers to find alternatives. >> they don't have the product in it. >> reporter: but the chemical is everywhere. even on cash register receipts. >> it means it's one other unnecessary form of exposure to the american public. >> reporter: ewg tests found high levels of bpa on receipts
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from places like mcdonald's, cvs, the post office, and safeway. how do you know if your receipts are at risk? here's what you need to do. take a coin and rub the receipt with it. if it leads a dark mark, that means it's coated with bpa. dr. steven henches say studies show bpa can rub off. >> only very little bpa can transfer from a thermal receipt on to skin. >> reporter: but he says the study doesn't show it is harmful. >> their exposure level is a thousand times below. >> reporter: the u.s.fda, has some concern about the toxic effect on unborn babies and children. >> when the consumer becomes aware, retailers will change their mind. >> reporter: not every retailer uses bpa-coated paper. ewg hopes the others will do the
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same. melanie alnwick, fox5 news. we have a consumer alert concerning other chemicals. a group is filing suit against the fda over antibacterial products. they claim the fda failed to regulate two chemicals. the chemicals have been linked to reproductive and brain development problems. they want the government to ban them. back in april the fda announced it did not have any evidence that antibacterial products worked better than soap and water. could haines worth about a changed man? they're wondering about the $100 million star. what the team is saying on training campee. >> there was a haynesworth siting today by head coach mike shanahan who visited with the big fellow at his office this morning. the coach says hainsworth looked
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good but stressed he would have to pass a conditioning test in order to practice. and if and when that happens, he would not be practicing with the first team defense. at least not right away. hainsworth' absence has dominated the offseason headlines. he took a check, a big one, for 21 million back in march and said he didn't want to line up at nose guard in the new defense. he trained in tennessee in the offseason, but he's back in town and ready to report tomorrow. mike shanahan was asked if after this morning's meeting he thought hainsworth had a new attitude. >> tell you as time goes on, you know. it's easy, it's easy to talk the game. we'll see what he does in practice and see what type of shape he's in and how committed he is and all the things that we've talked about, you know, over the last couple of months, but he's here, ready to go, looks in good shape, and so we'll get a chance to find out quickly. >> i think he will flourish in
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it. we can put him in spots where he can use his athleticism. he has to be obviously willing to do it. >> shanahan says he did not ask hainsworth about the litany of legal issues saying only that albert is a grown man. >> we'll all be watching. feldy, thank you. tonight police are worried there could be more victims of a sexual predator. today is day 100 in the oil leak. and more trouble with apple this time with the ipad. why users are suing the tech giant.
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. what began as an internet encounter has turned into a vicious crime. tonight a false church man is
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accused of stabbing and sexually assaulting a teenager he met on myspace. police want to know if the suspect has done it before. we have this report. >> reporter: it was supposed to be a meal and a movie at tysons corner on saturday. the victim, 17-year-old girl, met 27-year-old rony herrera deleon on the social networking site myspace. the two had become friends through the network. but after picking up the girl around 11 a.m., police say he talked the girl into a detour, a stop at what was supposed to be his aunt's house in annandale. the teenager went in willingly but she told police the man attacked her sexually immediately. after an igs sexual assault, deleon produced what the victim called a folding knife and stabbed the girl repeatedly as she struggled to get away. the victim says she was dragged to a basement shower and a
10:26 pm
stairwell where she was raped. she told police the suspect used towels to soak up the blood. she managed to get out of the house and was transported to a local hospital. she rode with detectives retracing the root to the house. detectives arrested deleon on monday. he is charged with a variety of sexual offenses and abduction. police are wondering if among other social network users there might be more users. >> there is the possibility there might be additional victims. please come forward and so we can charge this guy and keep him on the street. >> reporter: officers did find a folding knife in the vehicle deleon was using on saturday. john henrehan, fox5 news. a judge puts arizona's controversial immigration law on hold. what does that mean for the local law? we hear from both sides of the issue ahead tonight. you may think you're protected if you're slathering
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dan. class action lawsuit has been filed against apple over troubles with its ipad. the suit claims the ipad shuts down from normal heating under normal operating conditions making it virtually unusable for many of its functioning. ipad was launched in april of this year. they have told more than 3 million of them. millions of americans say they can't live without their cell phones thanks in part to apps that have made life easier. but with more than 200,000 applications out there, finding the right one might be a challenge. here are some apps you might want to check out this summer. . >> reporter: with one tap, making life easier. that's the goal for most
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applications on smart phones. and sometimes they do even more. >> i knew i might not make it. >> reporter: you might remember the incredible case of dan woolley, trapped in rubble for two days after haiti's earthquake. >> just darkness and chaos and pain. >> reporter: woolley used his app on his eye phone to survive, treating his own injury. well not all apps are a matter of life and death. >> that's about it. >> reporter: fox5 viewers tell us there are some they can't do without. >> this app is the glue that holds all of my other efforts together. >> reporter: tony is not the man he was a year ago. >> and it became difficult to go through the day, to go to work and walk the dog around the block. >> reporter: he began a journey to lose weight but he knew he needed help with the day to day stuff so he turned to my net diary, an app that keeps track
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of his meals and workouts. it's like a mobile personal trainer. >> it does an analysis to let me know how much i can expect to lose. >> reporter: it pulls data from food labels and allows him to chat with nutritionists. >> i've taken off 130 pounds. >> reporter: who doesn't have tons of those reward cards for various stores? >> you get tired of having to carry every card. you always leave one at home. >> reporter: this card store app consolidates them in the iphone. pull it up when you're in the checkout line for scanning. this turns your phone into a sound machine, white noise app, producing noising to help you relax and sleep. >> it sounds like rain falling down and it always puts me to sleep. >> reporter: then there's triple a's newly launched app called
10:33 pm
trip tick. >> you want cheap gas, this app will help. >> reporter: it will tell about the sites and hotels and restaurants in any town you're visiting, flon anderson says it uses gps technology to point you to the cheapest gas. >> it will tell you the station and give you directions to the station from where you're low catted. >> i would love to try that. cheap gas is a good thing. >> reporter: and the best part of all for these apps. >> is it free? >> reporter: they're all free to download. >> absolutely. >> reporter: free apps making a difference for people like tony. he's hoping to lose about 20 more pounds. >> i can probably do it without the app, but the app makes it about 90% easier. >> reporter: and who doesn't need that? >> in case you're wondering you can get details on all the apps featured and find out how to download the fox5 app. tell us which app improves your life by going to click on special reports under
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the news tabs. you use sun screen every day especially during the hot, sunny days. but there's one spot that most forget and it can lead to skin cancer. what you need to know, still ahead. and jessica simpson is in talks with american idol producers. first, you could be making 3d home movies. we have details in tonight's business report. . >> reporter: jobless rates were topping 15% last month, 10 of them are in california. but the unemployment rate did drop in more than half of all u.s. cities, at least compared to last year. many of its regions are reporting a slowing economy, commercial real estate and houses continue to drag down the recovery in several municipalities, states, and regions. wall street, the dow setting nearly 14 points today but it is
10:35 pm
up more than 700 points so far this month. google is planning to take on myspace and facebook. google is working on a social networking site that would include online games. and panasonic introduce add 3d cam coder. panasonic says it's the world's first 3d camera developed for consumers.
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swrieshgs we have hit the 100 day mark and counting in the disaster in the gulf. it's been three months since the oil rig exploded, killing 11
10:39 pm
workers. triggering the biggest off-shore oil spill in u.s. history. federal officials say preparations on the relief well could be done on monday. then comes the permanent fix, bottom kill which could take days or weeks. >> the fact of the matter is from our overflights and surveillance we're seeing less and less oil. >> tonight the coast guard says investigators are now looking into the fire fighting response to the deep water horizon explosion. a watch dog group is investigating whether the response contributed to the rig's sinking. another crisis involving an oil spill in michigan. monday a pipeline leak more than 800,000 gallons of oil into a creek. the company responsible for the spill says it's doubling crews to clean up the mess. oil soaked birds are being spotted in the tainted waters. two wildfires have forced 2300 people to evacuate their homes. the fires are burning on the
10:40 pm
edge of the mojave desert. firefighters are gaining ground but it is still only 25% contained. we're continuing to follow breaking news. s.w.a.t teams have surrounded a virginia motel after a man walked in and started shooting. we're live at the top on the newsedge. police say he started his career with a violent crime spree. the new details about his dangerous past. anna chapman getting her 15 minutes of fame for what she tried to take to russia. her story coming up at 11. i think everything tastes better in the summer. my grandparents, they had a huge garden, with tomatoes and cucumbers and green beans. nothing beats the taste of fruits and vegetables
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. some strong storms, the forecast is next.
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ich ceys . many people protect their skin with sun screen. >> but they forget to apply it right around their eyes and that can lead to problems. we have more. >> reporter: paula haines has always been careful about sun
10:44 pm
exposure so she didn't pay much attention to a small spot near her right eye. >> about a year ago i noticed that i had spot that looked looked irritated. >> reporter: it turned out to be an upon skin cancer. >> i didn't think to put sun screen near my eyes because it stings when it gets in your eyes so i was not attending to that area as well as i could have been. >> reporter: after dermatologists removed the cancerous spots, a doctor performed the reconstructive surgery. >> i tell patients put on sun screen frequently and reapply. >> reporter: use a sun screen that offers uva and uva protection. >> they serve an important
10:45 pm
purpose, which is filtering this harsh ultra violet light from getting into the eyes. >> reporter: harsh u.v. rains can be reflected from bright surfaces. >> it can cause problems in the retina in the back of the eye. it cause growths to form on the outside white part of your eye and that can irritate you or interfere with your vision. >> reporter: paula was fortunate her cancer was caught in time. >> because now i know so i'm going to be very, very diligent. >> reporter: erica latham, fox news. we've had our share of wildweather. sue palka is here now. you have pictures of wild weather. >> we have something that tops our weather from sunday. how about this the biggest hail stone ever recorded in the united states fell in south dakota on friday. it is not only a u.s. record it
10:46 pm
is a world record for weight. you know, we're always saying, there could be hail the size of soft balls. how about this one, 8 inches in diameter. 18 and a half inches around and it was found in vivian, south dakota, by a name by the name of less scott. look what it did to the roofs. he said it sounded like someone was throwing bricks at his house. there was a tornado that touched down as well. why did he go out and get this one? he said it was very unusual. he saw it fall and it looked like it had fingers on it so he went out to get it and he literally contemplated making a daquiri. he called the weather service and they came out and measured it. this is still the biggest hail stone measured in the united states. they took it to a post office where they have a certified weigh scale and weighed it. it's going to be on the record books for a listening time.
10:47 pm
a close up picture of all the fingers he saw on t the storm hit on friday by the weather service certified it yesterday. congratulations les scott. we have one more steamy day in our forecast. showers and storms are going to be around tomorrow and we have to tell you that these storms could have potentially damaging winds. it could happen because we'll be in the low to mid-90s after the front goes by temperatures will drop into the mid-80s. a one-day special and i want you to be cautious if you're outside tomorrow afternoon, any time after noon because these storms could be moving fast and as the skies darken that's the time to get out of the way as fast as you can. it could be a few more storms around on sunday as well. satellite radar isolated storm tonight. this one we were watching earlier in the broadcast that came out near leesburg and over to the darnstown area, that has
10:48 pm
dissipated. but we'll be watching to the north and west. here is a line of storms out ahead of the system. a new one will fire up with the front and that could happen as early as the noon hour, but more likely between 3 and 5 in the metropolitan area tomorrow. don't let this be the last time you check on a weather forecast when we have a line of storms coming. always has radar and we keep our information fresh on there. 92 degrees and the humidity is back in a big wachl the dewpoint is 73 so it feels like it's in the low 90s even at this hour. we're headed for 94 but feeling like 95 to 100 tomorrow because of the high humidity. 87 for friday, 86 for saturday, 85 on sunday. i'm not eliminating a chance for a shower on saturday but a better chance on sunday. temperature still 86 degrees
10:49 pm
right now. when we factor in the humidity we get our heat index. it steel feels like 102 in fredricksburg. 93 for dc. futurecast, let's time out the storms for tomorrow. the few showers we had out here tonight moving away. we're beginning to see a few showers, maybe some stronger storms down here along route 66. everything will move from southeast to northwest. at 3:00, that might be kind of the peak time for our area. the big action will be in the middle part of the afternoon and again potentially some strong to damaging winds, certainly some heavy rain as well. five-day forecast, 94, but that's the last 90 i have on this map. even into early next week we think temperatures will stay in the 80s. watching for possibility of thunderstorms again on sunday. >> thank you, sue. recapping one of our big
10:50 pm
stories, a serious blow to arizona immigration law. a federal judge blocked key parts of the law. stripped from the legislation, requiring officers to check a person's immigration status while enforcing other laws. requiring immigrants to carry papers at all times proving they are in the country legally, and the section that made it illegal for undocumented workers to look for employment. we asked you to weigh in on the debate on our website. tonight the results are in. 13% said yes, a judge should have restricted arizona's immigration law. overwhelming 87% of voters disagree with the judge's decision to block the parts of the new law. joining me now to sort through this, enid gonzalez and cory stuart. cory, i want to start with you. this was a preliminary injunction, this thing is far from over. could go to the supreme court. but arizona's law was modelled after your law in prince william county. do you see this having ramifications on you, now, this judge's ruling?
10:51 pm
>> actually, i don't think so. and the arizona judge, the federal judge there, made an error. prince william had its law challenged in early 2008. the federal district court judge here in alexandria found that the law was legal and we haven't had the law challenged since then. so i think at the end of the day this judge has had her judgements on pre-emption overturned in the past by the 9th circuit court. not a conservative court. and i think this one will be overturned as well. >> to be clear, your law doesn't require that immigrants carry paper on make it illegal for undocumented workers to look for work; is that right. >> that's right, it does not. it requires police officers to check immigration status incident to an arrest. but there are some things that we can learn from this decision to make sure we avoid the same
10:52 pm
thing in the commonwealth. >> i want to bring inid gonzalez into this conversation. this issue is clear. 18 states are looking at doing something similar to what arizona has done and what prince william county has done. people are feeling in these communities that are looking at this, they're feeling failed by the federal system here. what are these states supposed to do? >> well, the states don't have the capacity to deal with this issue for the reasons presented by the government in this lawsuit in which the judge ruled in favor of because there is such a thing as the supremacy clause and there are reasons why our federal government, which has all of our nation in mind as opposed to the interests of one specific state, and not only that but the things like foreign policy. >> the federal government is failing here, inid, and everybody agrees. >> i totally agree with that. >> that the system is broken.
10:53 pm
what are these states supposed to do when the federal government fails them? >> i think the people in these states have to get on their legislators, their con -- members of congress. >> isn't that what arizona did? they got the legislators and the legislators are doing what they can. >> not their state legislators, the federal legislators have to resolve this problem because it it it is a federal issue. -- because it is a federal issue. and that is why the judge ruled in the manner he ruled. it is very unfortunate that congress has not addressed this issue. it's not addressed its responsibility with regard to this issue and i feel for the people that are in support of this law just like they're in a huge percentage of the people who have said they support this legislation also support legalization for undocumented workers. the people want --
10:54 pm
>> citizenship is the ultimate goal here, right? >> the ultimate goal is to have a sane immigration system. we have a dysfunctional immigration system that is hurting every aspect of our country. the goal is to have a sane immigration system so that in the future we don't have people risking their lives to come here and live under the radar in subhuman conditions. >> and cory, i want to bring you in here. you get the last word. do you think this is the final tipping point here. the federal government is being forced by a federal judge to look at the issue and perhaps will finally start not turning a blind eye, the obama administration? >> i think there has been a turning point here. people are fed up with the federal government, they've lost faith with the federal government. we're trying to get it in virginia, there are 700 local and state law enforcement
10:55 pm
officials. the feds need the states and localities to enforce federal law including federal immigration law. >> amy gonzalez, cory stuart, i don't think anybody would argue that illegal immigrants in our communities who have made contributions in our communities this. is a taxing problem on our system, on our schools, on our hospitals, on our legal system. so this is obviously at the foot of the obama administration now, sitting there on the front door step. we'll have to see how it plays out. thanks for coming in and talking to us. >> thank you. >> thank you. ecic
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10:57 pm
10:58 pm
. [ american idol theme music. you can toss jessica simpson into the mix of people being considered to replace simon on american idol. she had several meetings with the shows's producers about joining the show although it's unclear if simpson reached out
10:59 pm
to idol or if idol reached out to her. she's one of the dozens of celebs being considered. so you think you can dance is coming up to the finale. we caught up with this season's finalists. >> reporter: competing in so you think you can dance takes more than raw talent. especially when it comes down to the wire. >> you just tore it up out there. >> reporter: skill and confidence will get you this far, but to win it all, the dancers must incorporate cutting edge choreography and show stopping style. . >> the choreography is brilliant. the thinks they come up with is like, really? >> there's a synergy between the choreographies and competitors.


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